Technical Studies for Trombone

This compilation of technical exercises, general playing tips, and pedagogical concepts for the tenor trombonist is ideal for students to professionals, whether focused on classical, jazz, or commercial playing.

The exercises are those that McChesney uses for his own personal practice and shares with his private students.

This highly anticipated addition to McChesney’s growing list of publications provides tips and exercises as only he can on the technical nature of playing trombone really well. Mastery of trombone is a prerequisite for playing jazz at a high level and this book will help get you there.  

Digital edition: $24.95

Coil-bound edition: $32.95

(Coil-bound allows the book to lay flat on the music stand.)

This book covers:

  • A daily routine, practice schedule, and warm-ups
  • Breath control
  • Articulation
  • Time and rhythm
  • Buzzing exercises
  • Playing fast
  • Sight reading skill development
  • Playing high notes
  • Developing a good tone
  • Doodle tonguing
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Digital edition: $24.95

Coil-bound edition: $32.95

(Coil-bound allows this book to lay flat on the music stand.)

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