Jazz Etudes and Duets

Here are ten exciting and advanced etudes based mostly on jazz standards, specifically focused on fast jazz soloing. Two are written as duets for two players. The book is available for all instruments and vocalists (C, Bb, Eb, bass clef and horn in F)

An audio download link is included (replaces CDs). The audio contains demonstrations of the etudes played by Bob, and also rhythm section accompaniment for each of the etudes at three different tempos for practice.

The duets include extra tracks to practice with while hearing the other part in the duet.

Digital edition: $19.95

Coil-bound edition: $29.95

Choose your coil-bound printed edition/instrument

Hear Bob and Arturo Sandoval play duet 'When We're Alone'.

Click to enlarge the trombone part
Click to enlarge the trumpet page

Hear Bob play the etude 'Look at Me'.

Click to enlarge page 1 of Look At Me in C
Click to enlarge page 1 of Convoy in bass clef

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Digital edition: $19.95

Coil-bound edition: $29.95

(Coil-bound allows this large 9″ by 12″ book to lay flat on the music stand.)

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