Bob McChesney's Books

Doodle Studies and Etudes

Bob’s Doodle Studies and Etudes was first published in 1992. For more than a thousand students and professional players, it has been an extremely valuable tool in improving fast legato skills on the trombone.
Covering all aspects of the doodle tongue technique, this book is written for students, teachers and professionals alike. This complete method explains the fast legato technique in a step-by-step fashion, from how to correctly form the syllables to complex patterns incorporating natural downward slurs.
Armed with this book, you will play faster quicker!

Technical Studies for Trombone

This highly anticipated addition to McChesney’s growing list of publications provides tips and exercises as only he can on the technical nature of playing trombone really well. Mastery of trombone is a prerequisite for playing jazz at a high level and this book will help get you there.

Harmonic Dexterity

This book for bass trombonists and tubists contains 15 fun and challenging etudes (with rhythm section accompaniment audio tracks available for download (replaces CD) The etudes include styles from the worlds of jazz, Classical and avant garde genres. Chord symbols are included for playing with colleagues.

These etudes, each two-pages in length, are suitable as practice material, and ideal for auditioning and performance on the concert stage.

Jazz Etudes and Duets

Here are ten exciting and advanced etudes based mostly on jazz standards, specifically focused on fast jazz soloing. Two are written as duets for two players. The book is available for all instruments and vocalists (C, Bb, Eb, bass clef and horn in F)

28 Vignettes for Two Trombones

Richard Fote has penned 28 fun duets for trombone. Designed for the advanced high school and college level student, they employ a wide variety of styles, keys, rhythmic patterns, shifting tonalities, modes, meters and articulations to broaden the student’s experience. 

Bob McChesney Jazz Solo Transcriptions

British trombonist Rob Egerton has transcribed these 13 inspirational and challenging Bob McChesney trombone solos from various recordings.
Solos include America, Here’s That Rainy Day, Sultry Samba, Meet Me Where They Play the Blues, Some Bones of Contention, Playing the Field, Ruby, Leave It To Beaver, Compilation, Chittlins, Yours Or Mine Blues, Straight No Chaser and Road Rage.
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