Bob McChesney

Bob McChesney

Jazz & studio trombonist
producer | author | educator

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Absolutely incredible! Bob has created one of the most beautiful,
spiritual and joyful albums I’ve ever heard!

– Pat Boone

Bob McChesney began playing the trombone in the fourth grade as part of the Baltimore public school music program. He has since evolved into a world-renowned trombone soloist and an authority on trombone pedagogy. Bob McChesney’s trademarks as a trombonist are his smooth, lightning-fast technique, his mastery of jazz harmony, beautiful sound, and a strong emotional connection to the music. With complete mastery of the instrument, McChesney has distinguished himself as one of the pre-eminent trombone soloists in the world. 

Primarily self-taught, from a young age Bob developed a unique way of articulating legato on the slide trombone, referred to as “doodle tonguing”. He has since authored what is considered to be the definitive treatise on the subject, “Doodle Studies and Etudes”, and the method has been critically acclaimed and endorsed by trombonists and music educators all over the world.

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